Dentistry is a field where continual study and intake of knowledge is needed alongside a feeling of humanity for effective practice. This requires efficient dissemination of knowledge and skills to budding dentists. In a time when aspiring dentists are increasing in number but the quality of education decreasing yet becoming more expensive, the need for a platform that allows free distribution of knowledge is urgent. With this in mind, we have initiated MiCD Knowledge Philanthropy, a freely available education platform that disseminates moral values to guide young dentists in their practice, along with practical and valuable dental education.

A brief look:

  • As an initiative under the MiCD Global Academy, we connect like minded dental professionals to share their knowledge to young dental practitioners, aspiring dentists and dental students free of cost.
  • By providing a platform for dentists to obtain moral values surrounding dentistry, we instill in practicing dentists a drive to work and strive for humanity.